How do I add a procedure to a surgeon profile?


Tap on the Procedures tab at the bottom of the screen.


Tap on the + button at the top right of this screen.


You will then be required to select the procedure type you wish to add. Tap the downward arrow to select from a list of procedure types. Then tap NEXT.


You have just created a procedure. You can now edit and modify this procedure however you wish. Adding a step to “Case Setup & Assembly” allows you to easily access notes/pictures for setting up the OR.


You can then tap Procedure Steps to modify exactly what steps and substeps you want to use during this procedure.


Think of the “Add Notes” section as information for the whole step in general. Think of “Sub Steps” as a way to add images and titles of specific parts of a step.


Tap SAVE to finish and add this new procedure type to the specific surgeon selected.