How do I log in for the first time?


Once you have received an email from the 1Team admin, you can now begin to use the application. Make sure you click LOGOUT from the initial “Waiting for 1Team Approval” screen.


You will be redirected to the login screen where you enter your work email address and the password you previously created. Then click SIGN IN.


Verify your phone number by entering the 6 digit code sent to you via text. Then click VERIFY CODE.


You will then be presented with a list of all the surgeons associated with your distributorship/team. Simply click on a surgeon you work with.


If you do not see the surgeon you are looking for, you can click the “+” button at the top right. This will bring you to a screen where you can search for surgeons that are not yet associated with a distributorship. If you think a surgeon is in the wrong distributorship, please email 1Team.


Once you have selected a surgeon you work with. You will be brought to the “Cases” tab where you will see that day’s cases for the selected surgeon.