How do I start a case?


From the “Cases” tab in 1 Team, tap any case created. If you have added steps to the case setup and assembly, you will see them here.


To see the substeps associated with a step, simply tap the step.


You can tap a picture to make it bigger. This view will also let you carousel through all the sub steps associated with that step.


To edit the case, tap the pencil icon at the top right of the screen. Don’t forget to save!


To see the procedural steps, tap Procedure Steps. Remember, tapping a step will reveal any sub steps you have created for that step.


You can now customize the procedural steps. Notice the six dots next to some steps. In this example, Step 5 and 6. This means that you can drag and drop those steps in between other steps that have the same six dots next to them. Simply tap and hold the six dots to move that step to a different position.


In order to advance to the next step, simply tap the NEXT button at the bottom of the screen.


If you tap a step, it will reveal any substeps you have created for that step.


If you tap and hold any previous step’s time, it will allow you to edit the time at which that step happened. Tap UPDATE to change the time.


Once you get to the last step “Wheels Out” the NEXT button changes to COMPLETE. Tap COMPLETE to complete the case.